Implement package star ratings

Thoric il y a 11 ans 0

Star Ratings

With most things you can download these days there's usually some form of user rating, namely in the form of a score out of 5 stars, such as 

The best of the best

There are so many packages on VIPM now, and some I've never seen before and have never tried, that I wonder which ones I might be missing out on. I can't install them all, but if each were to display a star rating I could quickly pick out some candidates to try! I would know that these ratings would be coming from LabVIEW users and that I could trust them to be an honest reflection on the usefulness of the package.

NI Tools Network

The NI Tools Network already implements a ratings system, can we have something similar for the packages list view window? Clearly those that are supported on the NI Tools Network repository would need their rating to come from NI.


Of course, the ratings need to come from somewhere, and that would be us users. I think it would be great if you were able to provide your own rating for packages you have installed. If you are uninstalling a package, VIPM could ask you to provide a rating whilst it uninstalls so that you can provide feedback on why - it maybe that you hated it and this way you get to provide a low rating.