Replace Table View with Tree View in Main GUI

chrisreed 13 years ago updated 13 years ago 5

My VIPM Package Table has so many entries now that I have to scroll up and down to view all the entries.  I was thinking that a Tree View of the packages would make it easier to view and organise.

For instance the OpenG Package would be the root folder and clicking on this folder would show all the individual packages ie. Array Library, Boolean Library etc..

I would like this as well, and would go for a tree that can be based on various items (a bit like how the search works right now):


-Last update date (last day, week, month, year)


I used to think that, but prefer using the search feature.
Just throwing it out there... what about adding advanced search terms like goggle has e.g. "site:lavag.org" so in VIPM it could be "company:lava" etc... ? That way you would have more control over the view but the interface would remain the same. And maybe a "favourites" list of searches (so you can quickly search)?
I'd like to find out more about this idea and what people would like to see in the tree. Trees can get busy, quickly.

In your example with the OpenG Library. This is a package with dependancies. So you are asking that we list all the packages in the tree and show the dependency packages as child nodes. When clicking on the package in the tree, what would you see on the right hand side?

Although the search feature is good, it still requires the user the know and type in the value to search for.

Since I am a lazy, lazy bastard I would like VIPM to do the sorting for me through a Tree View and perhaps a drop-down menu with terms like Ton suggested.

So in the image below, I select to group/search in terms of the Company name and it forms a tree view of all the different Companies. If I click on a company name (ie. MGI) it then shows me all the package details like VIPM currently does.

I also like Michael's idea of using a Tree to show all package dependencies.  Currently you have to double click on a package to see its dependencies.  So one of the Tree Views would list all the packages and the right hand side would show the current VIPM Table with all the dependant package details (ie. Name, Version, Repository & Company).

P.S Forgive the crudeness of the drawing, but I did say I was a lazy bastard!!