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Use the LabVIEW Project tree to initialise a new build definition

Thoric 11 år siden opdateret af Michael Aivaliotis (VIPM Product Manager) 11 år siden 2

I ventured into the wonderful world of VIPM package building recently, and am impressed. However, one thing that immediately caused me issues was the use of a Source Folder as the root of the package definition. I wanted to point VIPM at my existing LabVIEW Project. Why? Because in my harddisk folder I have VIs not included in the Project, legacy files and VIs no longer in use. When pointing VIPM to the root folder it automatically picked up all these unwanted files, and it was a nightmare of "build error" after "build error" attempting to find them all and selectively remove them from the "Source File Settings" tree.

Idea: Can VIPM analyse the LabVIEW Project tree in the first instance of creating a new package to determine which VIs (files) are wanted and which are not to initialise/populate the Source File Settings?

Thanks for the feedback. This is a great idea. Probably similar to this idea, but I think LabVIEW projects are better to use than libraries or possibly allow both.


This is still an issue for me. I have had my package throw up a LabVIEW Warning every time the "dotted" trunk was created. I eventually tracked down the two VIs in the source folder that are not a part of the LabVIEW Project listing (or members of the class structure). I don't want to delete these VIs, I may come back to them at some point, but I know that they're not to be included in the VIP so it would be much easier for me if VIP Builder could analyse the lvproj definition and pre-populate the Source File Settings panel with only those that are included.

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