"Generate Preview" function for package build specs

Tim Vargo 9 aastat tagasi uuendatud 9 aastat tagasi 1
While using the VI Package Builder, once a package spec is complete or nearly complete, it would be very useful to be able to see a "Preview" of the build -- that is what the build WOULD look like if built using the current specs. This would be analogous to the existing Generate Preview function in LabVIEW projects' Build Specification properties. Such a preview would help to clarify exactly what folders the various project files will be deployed to, what their new names will be if prefix/suffix renaming has been enabled, which items will have Protection Settings, what menus will receive new entries, where any new palettes will be placed, etc., etc.

Some similar preview might be useful for VI Package Configurations as well?
The same information as described above would be very useful to also place into log files; both at build time, then again at install time. Any errors encountered should also be logged to these same files. The install-time logs would be particularly useful to developers when trying to troubleshoot what went wrong during a failed client install.