Rebuild library after marking some VIs as Exclude from Package

Richard Thomas 7 years ago 0

I built a hardware driver, all VIs are part of a library. The library contains some unit testing VIs which I don't need as a part of the VIP distribution, so they are marked as "Exclude from Package" on the Source File Settings section of VIPB.

However, as these VIs are a part of the library, when excluded from the build they cause the library to list them as missing dependencies when the VIP is installed on a development machine (the little yellow exclamation marks in the Project View).

If I move the VIs to outside the library this creates scoping issues with certain private dependencies only accessible from within the library, so they must remain within the library.

Ideally, VIPBuilder would repair the library by removing these dependencies safely within LabVIEW (not just excluding the files from the package) and thus maintaining library integrity. Maybe his can't be done.

But can I ask, what's the proper way to exclude VIs from the package that are listed as belonging to a library without the library becoming bad?