Display toolkits license status

kosistivan 5 years ago 0

It would be great to see (or be able to filter out) toolkits, which are registered by Third-Party Activation Toolkit, and see its statuses. Because it happens, that some toolkits have trial period, then it is expired - and LabVIEW warns about it. When one wants to remove these toolkits, he has to open VIPM - but then he needs to search those packages by name.

But if - for example - first time user turns off notification window in LabVIEW for expired license, he does not see it in future. But, there are still toolkits with invalid (expired) license - and when he wants to uninstall them, he needs to open Activation Add-On window, check toolkits and their statuses, go to VIPM, and remove them.

If there would be statuses visible in VIPM, then one sees it directly there, and could manage - either buy/prolong license, or uninstall toolkit so he will not be bothered by it in the future.

This feature is not important, because such situation occurs quite seldom, but it could make routine a bit easier.

Thanks a lot,

Sincerely, kosist90.