Create Package from Windows Explorer Right Click Menu

David_L 13 years ago updated by Christopher Relf 13 years ago 3
To zip something up in a Zip file and send it to someone, it's as easy as going to the directory, right clicking files and choosing "Add to zip" or "Compress" depending on your software.  VIPM should add this option to the context menu so you can easily create a new build specification at this location.  
How would you use this feature? Do you expect to right-click on a folder which contains your source? What would the menu say?
I think right clicking on the source folder would be the best way to do this - so its the same as how you select a folder from the UI. Anything else would be too confusing etc... IMO.
My guess is that this feature could scan the right-clicked vi, lvproj, etc, and create a vipc for its dependancies as well?