Custom Action for Post Source Distribution (Before Packaging)

Jonathon Green 12 years ago updated by Michael Aivaliotis (VIPM Product Manager) 10 years ago 2 1 duplicate
There are times where I want to update code to be distributed e.g. iterate over it and do some custom changes, but I don't want these changes to persist in the source code e.g. update version/build information of a tool, add reuse VIs to a LabVIEW Project Library and mark private etc...

When using OGPB this is doable because of two reasons:
  • There is a API available (see VIPM idea here)
  • I have access to the distributed location of the code before it is packaged 
One way to solve this is to be able to run a script on the copied source code location (which I am guessing would be the hidden folder .source) - immediately after it has been copied.

This would allow me to make these changes (in a well known folder hierarchy - another plus) without having to unpackage the package and go in with a post-build hook.
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In followup to this idea, whilst accessing .source (hidden) would be ok, it would be more beneficial to access the code just before it is packaged (i.e. the namespaced code).

I merged another Idea with this one. Looks like the comment (from Mark Garnett) got lost so here it is:

"There are some times where I want to modify every VI in a package programmatically before building. One example programmatically adding information to the VI description. I can do this with pre-build actions, because I get a list of the source files. Then I can open VI references, modify, save. However, I don't really want  to touch my source code, just what ends up in the package. 

It would be great If we could get paths to temporary files created during the build process-- I could then modify these temporary files and the changes would end up in the built package without munging the source code."