An API to Create a VIPC from one or more Packages

Priyadarsini vor 10 Jahren aktualisiert vor 10 Jahren 3
Currently, the VIPM APIs support creating a VIPC given a VI or folder or LVProject. But there should also be a way to create a VIPC given a set of Packages. In this way we can create packages & a package configuration programmatically.
Thank you for taking this idea for review. It may be too early to ask, but if I may, could you let me know when this API will be around?
We can't make any commitments about when future releases will happen and what features will be included.
Hi Jim,

It will be good to also have an option to include only the references to the packages and not the packages themselves in the configuration file we create programmatically. i.e. it is similar to unchecking 'Store Package in File On Save' in Package Configuration Editor in VIPM window.

Priyadarsini S