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Apply VIPC file on Project load

David Staab 10 years ago updated 10 years ago 2
When a .lvproj file that has package dependencies is opened, those packages need to be applied (installed, upgraded, or downgraded...and conflicts with dependencies uninstalled) before the project loads. I want LV/VIPM to catch a "project.open" operation and first apply dependencies.

This will probably require a new tag in the project file to specify where the dependencies package is on disk. It'll probably also require access to a new Filter event from LV that notifies some process/tool of an impending File Open operation. So I don't expect much out of this request, but I'd sure like to see it!
Under review
Hi David. This is a fantastic idea! We've actually played around with this in our labs.  One issue we ran into is that installing packages (applying dependencies) involves communicating with LabVIEW (mass compiling, refreshing palettes, etc.) and this can deadlock the project.open process (since that goes through the infamous "root loop"... or something like that). If we could only give an indication  that the VIPC needs to be applied (but require that you apply it yourself), would that still be helpful?  Thanks again for offering your great ideas!
Yes, anything that says "hey stupid!" is good enough. Fully automating it with dialogs for problems or decisions is even better. I just need to make sure devs don't accidentally muck up good code by modifying/building projects without the right dependencies installed.

Ideally, LV + VIPM would be like Visual Studio + NuGet. I recognize how hard that is to do without a "Solution" concept in LV, though.