View by date / recent additions

Greg Sands hace 13 años actualizado por Ian Nicholson hace 8 años 3
There are now an increasing number of packages using VIPM, and it can be hard to keep track of what is added.  I would like to be able to see packages that have been recently added to the VIPM repository.  One possibility would be a column which is the packages' release date, although that is not always defined.  Another would be View/Show/Recent Additions which would show all packages added locally in, say, the last month.
How about recently installed? Would this be useful as well?

Would additions only include local non-repository packages? There is a date which VIPM knows about which is the date a package has been added to the repository. Would this be what you're looking for?
It's not the recently installed packages I'm thinking about - more the packages which have been added to the local repository, but have not yet been installed.  It seems that each time I open VIPM there are a new handful, and it can be difficult to keep track of which I've not yet had a look at.

It sounds as though the "date a package has been added to the repository" is what would be useful.  If this date was a column which could be used as the sort criteria, then all of the View options would remain as ways to limit what is shown.

It takes me an hour to go through all the packages and see what is new. And I have to remember if I've seen them before! Multiple times I've installed a few addons that are non-free, just to have to uninstall them again because I realize I've tried them and they are paid (no ability to buy addons currently).

I agree that the date that an addon was introduced to the repository would be the ideal criteria. I was a little surprised that this wasn't already an available column. Recently installed would be useful to some extent as well, but really the publish date would be most important.