Better UI for Adding Dependencies

Jonathon Green 13 year бұрын updated by Tim Vargo 9 year бұрын 4

I not sure if this got bought up before (in the beta?) but I would like a better UI for interacting with dependencies then there currently is. I just find it hard to find what I want unless I know the exact spelling of the package name (VIPM 3.0) or display name (VIPM 2010) and scrolling through everything is not that fun 

Image 5
I think the VIPM main screen is the best for searching and selecting packages. Another one of those (like VIPC screen) where I can drag and drop between them would be easy and fast???

If your code calls VIs in dependent packages, then you can use the scan for dependencies feature. This would automatically populate the package list for the required dependencies. In this case there is no need to find the packages manually. However, I agree that the manual addition process can be improved.

Not sure about previous versions, but in 2014 this list is not even sorted alphanumerically! Trying to find the correct dependent package among hundreds is VERY difficult when they are sorted seemingly at random. An alphanumeric sort would help a lot, but for cases when the display name is not known then perhaps some additional sorting options would help. Sort by most recently installed, by company name, or by repository name?