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Sort packages by license type

Jubilee 13 years ago updated by Michael Aivaliotis (VIPM Product Manager) 11 years ago 1
I would like to install all the BSD licensed packages and all the packages with private type of license which is as free as BSD with no binding limitation in the small letters.
At the moment I need to go over each license and find afterwards that I actually installed a trial version or some other tool that I won't be able to use.
If VIPM could organize the packages not only by the name of the license type but also by a deeper understanding of it (there aren't that many license types in VIPM after all) then I'll feel much safer while installing packages from VIPM.

Yes, yes and yes. Kudo's.

Seems obvious to me that one wants to have an overview.

When the boss is in a good mood you can look at the packages one has to pay for, otherwise you only have a choice from the free packages.


BTW, the term "BSD" was not obvious to me....