Auto-populate VIPM packages from disk for faster LabView installations on multiple Computers

David Zurbriggen 7 year бұрын updated by Роман Лещишин 6 year бұрын 3

When i quickly want to have a new LabVIEW installation on another PC or VM, I can let run the LabVIEW installation unattended, but then it takes quite some presence-time to re-install all the VI packages with VIPM. So I usually just copy the whole LabVIEW user.lib folder over to the new VM. While LabVIEW gathers/auto-populates the user libraries automatically and the packages vi folders show up as palettes, VIPM doesn't do this, what in my eyes would be expected behavior. The whole VIPM packages list stays empty even though all the packages are there on disk. But maybe I oversee something, and there is already a way to make this auto-population happen...?

Maybe an Export/Import packages option could be created to auto confirm any dialogs and install all specified packages.