Distribute reuse components as packed project libraries

Christopher Relf il y a 12 ans mis à jour par Jonathan Cohn il y a 10 ans 2
The current options are folder, folder (preserve heirachy) and llb - I'd like to be able to build as a packed project library to further protect library subcomponents.

To help facilitate side by side (SxS) deployments, it would further be nice if VIPM appended the version to the end of the packed project library file (e.g. acme_my_tool-  This way, I could have several instances side by side in the same root folder:

vi.lib\My Tool\acme_my_tool-

vi.lib\My Tool\acme_my_tool-

vi.lib\My Tool\acme_my_tool-

The great part about crelf's idea is that it further abstracts the management of deployment files (here, an LVLIBP) from developers.

Quick Drop shows the name of the project library, so if the name included the version I can be careful not to select the wrong one.  If I do select the wrong one, I'm hosed unless the package developer changes the icon for each release (unlikely).  So, lastly, it might make sense to have an option to include the build number somewhere on all VI (and CTL / LVLIBP) icons to reduce the chance of cross-linking.

This is pretty much a must for plugin development with multi developer support.