​Auto-exclude folders from VIPB source file settings by default

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It will be nice to have a property/option to exclude newly added folders from package by default. As of now any new folder under Source directory is included in package as default, It will be nice to somehow exclude new folders by default.

I have situation where I feel this option will be very useful.

I and my team are creating lots of Instrument drivers for internal purpose and release them very frequently. We have all our code under Instrument Driver folder. Instrument Driver folder includes sub folder (category of instrument drivers like Power supply, RF etc) and menu files that needs to be deployed while installing packages. With help of menu files drivers will be shown up in LabVIEW functionally palette.Image 47

Image 48

Say to build Keithley 24xx, I need to include Instrument Driver as source directory and include Keithey 24xx folder and whole hierarchy of Instrument Driver menu files (ie the menu file directly inside Instrument Driver and the one inside Power Supply folder) and build package over it. Rest of the unnecessary folders are excluded from packages. Please see I need the whole hierarchy of menu files so that in the LabVIEW palette drivers are shown in the same level/folders as shown in window explorer (Instrument driver -> Power supply -> Keithley 24xx)

  1. Whenever a new folder or driver category is created under Instrument Driver, the next time in Keithley package, the new folder is included in the ‘Source file setting’ by default, which is NOT needed. So exclude folders by default will be helpful here.
  2. When there are multiples PC used for development purpose, there comes one more situation. VIPM removes file exclusions if source code folders aren't located on the machine where the build spec is being modified. So take the same example:
    1. A build spec is created on machine1 with this source directory: Instrument Driver
    2. Inside of that folder are several other folders: ...\Power Supply\Keithley 24xx, ...\Power Supply\Agilent E3631A, ...\RF\CMW, ...\Scope\Tektronix.
    3. In the source file settings ...\Power Supply\Agilent E3631A, ...\RF\CMW, ...\Scope\Tektronix are EXCLUDED from package
    4. The build spec is saved and closed
    5. The build spec is opened on machine2 that only has ...\Power Supply\Keithley 24xx folder
    6. VIPM will remove the folder exclusions properties of..\Power Supply\Agilent E3631A, ...\RF\CMW, ...\Scope\Tektronix (as folders are missing)
    7. The build spec is saved and closed
    8. The build spec is opened again on machine1
    9. The build will now include ..\Power Supply\Agilent E3631A, ...\RF\CMW, ...\Scope\Tektronix which were excluded first time but in the second build their properties were lost and now VIPM thinks they are newly encountered folders and include them by default.

This causes lots of issues and before each build developer has to verify the ‘Source file settings’ causing consumption of time.