Add a better interface to set up a repository

Christopher Relf 12 років тому оновлено Michael Aivaliotis (VIPM Product Manager) 12 років тому 3
i'd like to see a wizard added to the repo interface - i figure most people need help when they're setting up their first repository.  or, better yet, make the repo interface more like the package builder interface.
I'm not sure I understand what you are requesting. There are only a few tasks that you can perform on the repository. So a wizard would not have that many options. Could you elaborate a little on what you mean? Is there one task in specific that you are having trouble with?

Also, I don't follow how the Package Builder interface applies to the repository manager.

when i open the repository manager, i get a sparse window with no suggestion on what to do.  i think that's fine for people who know how to magage repositories, or if there's a repository there already (so the packages are shown), but there's no "here's how do create a reop" dialog that links off to some documentation - maybe /help/index.html?turl=usingvirepositorymanager.htm

the default help>show help is a bit of a misnomer (i'd expect it to open the context help for some reason, so i didn't click it initially :) )  maybe add a "getting started with the repoman" help menu item that links to /help/index.html?turl=usingvirepositorymanager.htm .

Thanks for the feedback. We are planning on adding more tutorials in our knowledge base to help with this. We'll also consider improvements to the UI to make it more intuitive in the next release.