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VIPC Contain Multiple Versions Of The Same Package

Brian Hoover fa 10 anys updated by Michael Aivaliotis (VIPM Product Manager) fa 10 anys 1
Lets say I have a set of packages that I want to make into a single VIPC file.  I can then copy this file to another machine and install the packages offline if they are included in the VIPC which they are by default.  But lets say I have version 1.0 of an array package that supports 2011 and newer, but version 2.0 only supports 2012 and newer.  At the moment my VIPC would contain only one version.  So I have to either support 2011 and newer with the older package, or use the newer package, but abandon support for 2011 in my VIPC.  

My suggestion is to have the ability to put multiple versions of the same package into a VIPC.  This way when I am installing it offline and not connected to a repository, where all package versions could be available.  I could then use the same VIPC for 2012, or 2011, and in both cases I could have the latest version that is supported.