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Not sure about previous versions, but in 2014 this list is not even sorted alphanumerically! Trying to find the correct dependent package among hundreds is VERY difficult when they are sorted seemingly at random. An alphanumeric sort would help a lot, but for cases when the display name is not known then perhaps some additional sorting options would help. Sort by most recently installed, by company name, or by repository name?
The same information as described above would be very useful to also place into log files; both at build time, then again at install time. Any errors encountered should also be logged to these same files. The install-time logs would be particularly useful to developers when trying to troubleshoot what went wrong during a failed client install.
Bump! This remains an issue when teams of developers are using VIPM Pro to store reuse libraries in a LOCAL (private) repository. Searching existing libraries for functions that might be useful is nearly impossible as long as the text of the package description is not included in the search.

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