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Support Layers for Non-VI icons (Sub-Palettes, category, etc)

Jonathon Green hace 13 años actualizado por Michael Aivaliotis (VIPM Product Manager) hace 10 años 4
It would be really cool if you could edit icons in the Enhanced Icon Editor and have their layering preserved, so that next time when opened the image isn't merged. This may be currently impractical due to the state of the API currently available to handle this (which is why I have this idea here). Just thought I'd put it out there... 

Image 16
As far as I know. This layering feature is only available to VIs. I don't think this would work with palette icons, even with the new API. I hope I'm wrong.
LabVIEW 2012 is shipping with a new API for manipulating icons. See <vilib>\LabVIEW Icon API. This would allow you to build up an icon in a layered way. However, the .mnu files still only store flat icons, so you wouldn't be able to get the layers back again unless you loaded them into the icon editor (which is possible... you would just need to create a temporary VI that has those layers and then ask the icon editor to edit that).
so maybe vipm could save that temporary vi in my source folder as a palette icon definition automatically (i already do this manually).
This could possibly be implemented by saving a VI as Chris mentioned into the vipb file. One VI for each palette category icon.