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In followup to this idea, whilst accessing .source (hidden) would be ok, it would be more beneficial to access the code just before it is packaged (i.e. the namespaced code).
No, your idea is clear. 

I was just suggesting an alternative given the above image is long i.e. everything as currently is in VIPM, but VIPM Package Information screen is not modal.
I don't enjoy going back and forth, and always thought a forward/back button on the VIPM Package Information Screen would be good. So I like the thought of this - but the attached image looks loooooong. Maybe if the window was not modal and you could still access the main screen to double click?
No I didn't - but that is really cool. Thx!
@Michael - OpenG does not make use of LabVIEW Project Libraries (but may do in the future?) I can see issues with calling private members and accessing Class data for candidates - so in these cases they would have to be part of the Library and the current VIPM exclude feature is probably best to use there, but I will have to play more with them.  
For VIPM 2010+ OpenG's folder hierarchy puts Candidates outside the source folder for this reason. Then they can easily be moved and re-linked when ready to go - its probably boring to most people but we spent a fair bit of time working this out to keep the best results. It goes <project>\source\library - these are the distributed VIs; and <project>\candidates. This was quite a change from using VIPM 3.0 (for me).
I think right clicking on the source folder would be the best way to do this - so its the same as how you select a folder from the UI. Anything else would be too confusing etc... IMO.
I think the VIPM main screen is the best for searching and selecting packages. Another one of those (like VIPC screen) where I can drag and drop between them would be easy and fast???
Yes, to be more specific - synch'ing is what I am after.