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Definately retain formatting - our standard software license agreement has clear sectioning based on styles.

so maybe vipm could save that temporary vi in my source folder as a palette icon definition automatically (i already do this manually).

when i open the repository manager, i get a sparse window with no suggestion on what to do.  i think that's fine for people who know how to magage repositories, or if there's a repository there already (so the packages are shown), but there's no "here's how do create a reop" dialog that links off to some documentation - maybe /help/index.html?turl=usingvirepositorymanager.htm

the default help>show help is a bit of a misnomer (i'd expect it to open the context help for some reason, so i didn't click it initially :) )  maybe add a "getting started with the repoman" help menu item that links to /help/index.html?turl=usingvirepositorymanager.htm .

My guess is that this feature could scan the right-clicked vi, lvproj, etc, and create a vipc for its dependancies as well?

I want to vote for this idea more than once :)