Search function should return results from package descriptions as well

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When I use the "Search" function to filter the displayed packages for certain words, any result must contain my search words in one of the columns Name, Version, Repository, or Company to be listed.  This is insufficient -- I need results returned from package descriptions as well.  For example, type the word "icon" into the search field, and you currently get two results ("IconExpress" and "NI Icon Library Update Tool"); but I want the results to also list "UI Tools" since the word "icon" exists in that package's description text.

I recently gave a presentation on VIPM Professional to a room full of colleagues, trying to convince them that we should all own a copy.  The question was asked "Would this tool provide me with a flexible way to search our reuse libraries for some functionality that I am looking for"?  Alas, I had to answer "No".  This would be IMMENSELY helpful!

Image 41

The package name "UI Tools" is not in the list above ...

Image 40

... but it should be because the word "icon" exists in this package's description text.
This is a great suggestion. Thank you for your feedback. We have added a comprehensive search to our recently released VI Package Manager Beta browser app that allows you to search by terms in nearly all textual fields in the package including the package description. We currently support whole words only but have plans to improve the search to include partial search terms as well. Please visit the browser app using the link below and provide feedback if this approach addresses your use case.

Unfortunately, no; this does not satisfy my use case.  While this is still a welcome new addition to VIPM as a whole, this web based tool cannot search our private repositories.  If this same new search functionality (with partial word search added) is ever rolled into the main desktop product, it will then indeed satisfy my use case.
Bump! This remains an issue when teams of developers are using VIPM Pro to store reuse libraries in a LOCAL (private) repository. Searching existing libraries for functions that might be useful is nearly impossible as long as the text of the package description is not included in the search.