Reinstall package files.

Ulrik Karlsson 10 ár síðan updated by Craig Lawton-Devine 8 ár síðan 4
When I am debugging my code, I often need to make some temporary changes to the installed packages. When the debugging is done, it would be nice to be able to reinstall the package instead of uninstall and then install again.

Ulrik, GPower

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I agree… ”Repair” would be a good name for it.
i would also find this useful.

to debug packages, we will edit the installed package files (in vi.lib) and then port over the changes to the package source code. to "unfix" the changed installed package files, we'd need to either re-install the package or upgrade to the newer version. this would make things a little simpler. perhaps adding a "repair all" option to VIPM would streamline this process. 

additionally, it would be helpful if all packages were "repaired" when installing a VIPC so that we have 100% confidence that the system is in the correct configuration.

i'm not concerned about this feature taking some time to execute. being in the correct configuration is more important.

This is an essential feature of any package manager and would be a great addition to VIPM.

It also would be great if VIPM could 'scan' installed packages for changes and mark them in the list of packages.