Prevent duplicate function palette entries in "syncronized" destination folders

Patric Jenni 6 years ago 0

Installing a package with a custom functions palette to the folders user.lib or instr.lib (eg. user.lib/My Library) results in duplicate entries in the functions palette when the package is installed.

This is due to automatic synchronisation of the functions palette within these folders. Adding an (_) underscore in front of the package installation directory (e.g. user.lib/_My Library) skips LabVIEWs automatic synchronisation of the functions palette and therefore only shows the custom functions palette like expected.

I would like VIPM to check if a package will be installed to one of these folders (without an underscore as the first letter) AND does have a custom functions palette. If so, VIPM should show a hint like "...this will result in duplicate function palettes entries..." (or something better). At least, this fact should be better documented.